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Hamburger Hearts
Hamburger hearts, French fry feelings
Living life with drive thru dealings
Fast food, fast living, plenty of taking not enough giving

Look at the papers look at the TV
Look in the mirror what do you see
A shadow of greed in a fools sun or born to be one of one
Leave desire it leads to regret and you gotta pay for what you get


We won't find a hidden clue
So we gotta wake up to what we do
Live the truth, let's not pretend, don't let the world go off the deep end
We're human racing, star gazing, we don't need no more

Lyric Credits: j.a.connor
Music Credits: j.a.connor
Producer Credits: Iain McKinna
Performance Credits: j.a.connor, Offbeat Rhythm Section
Song Length: 4:00
Primary Genre: World-General
Secondary Genre: -
Language: English