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Morning Tide
Friday evening sails into view wind blows wind blows
Sky turns a rosy shade of blue sun goes sun goes
Rise to my feet stroll across the sand
Listen to the surf riding the land
I drunk some wine just to clear my mind cause I can't stop thinking about you

I remember the time when we were kids the fun that we had the things that we did
And I wonder when it started to change
You're still here in my heart each and every day
I thought I'd left you behind but my dreams made you stay
Oh I see you now and I think of then
But I made me a promise never again

Here today where tomorrow who knows who knows
Back to the future the past will go but I'm moving on I'm moving on
6.00 AM on the morning tide maybe I should just forget my pride
Gotta good life don't you know so why can't I let you go


At the end of the pier she's looking at me
A smile on her face shall I stay shall I leave
Lyric Credits: j.a.connor
Music Credits: j.a.connor
Producer Credits: Iain McKinna
Performance Credits: j.a.connor, Offbeat Rhythm Section
Song Length: 5:04
Primary Genre: Rock-Easy Listening
Secondary Genre: -
Language: English