Timeline Bio

Timeline Decades;

70's- Write my first song entitled "I Remember".
Join the International Songwriters Association.

80's- Touring DJ.

90's- The decade of meeting and being inspired by legends including Willie Nelson, Roger McGuinn, Dick Dale and Ray Davies.

00's- Pushing my own compositions in words and music. Finalist Gold Disc Lyric Contest, semi finalist and highly commended award in U.K. Songwriting Contest.

10's- Celtic Radio number 1 with "Mysterious Lady".
Release of "Somewhere On The Journey", the debut album focussing on the sessions at Offbeat Studios.

Now- Songs signed with Perpetual Music and Top Ten Music.
Work on the new "Karst" project.


So here we are.
From the white suit dreams of a 70's dj.
The inspiration of Roger McGuinn and Willie Nelson.
The remix of the Celtic number 1 a la OMD courtesy of Mal Holmes.
The take it from the thoughts ambient improvisations.
I am j.a.connor and I'm not dead yet.
Let the journey continue.