Take a walk with me
Listen to what I see

Don't try to do everything
It will tire you and weaken you
The anxiety of failure will frustrate and upset
Do as is required when it comes along
Quiet of mind will make you strong

Do not think
Clear your mind
Feel what happens
See what you find
Nothing to do
Nowhere to go
The speed of life
Not fast but slow
Take your time
Or someone will
The world will go on
Moving or still

My thoughts are a lost ocean
Seeking passage through winding canyons
Leading back to the source
The source of creation as perceived by the regimented structure of modern life ?
Modern life that views man's achievements as a eureka moment
A life that requires an explanation for all occurrences
I must climb deeper to the peak of this inverted mountain
To a time of wonder
No boundaries
It is almost within reach
In this depth lies the truth

Oh what a strange world
Where we don't know
What we do
To create a life that is loving and true
The aching hearts versus the correctness of speech
Lead me to think that it's not within reach
But then
Not forgetting her talents
Nature is there to reset the balance

Welcome to Earth
Please proceed to arrivals where you will be labelled, categorised and indexed
A life plan will be prescribed for you
For our full acceptance you must provide an economic return
You are then free to live within the status sector selected for you
Welcome to Earth

Do you wish you could remember
Searching for a garden of eden
Fresh air, clean water, wide open spaces
A place of welcome and harmony
The place of your dreams
The place you are starting to see
As you get closer
There is more detail
The dominant species seem programmed to destroy all the wonderful things
Each other
But it is too late
You are about to arrive
You do not want to be programmed and controlled
But it is too late
You are born

Do they belong to us ?
Or the collective of spirits
Past, present, future?
Is this the reality we perceive to be our own
Or are we on an endless loop
The groundhog day of eternity

In the distance a noise stirs my thoughts
Dawn is making her way
Preceding her sun
Teasing the dark
Look at it run

Be patient, take you're time
Like the clouds passing in line
Holding together pushed by the wind
Unperturbed by their destination
Knowing their place no frustration
The distance travelled is unimportant
The journey unfolds as it should

These days I'm led by my heart more than my head
Fed up with all the language used to discredit simple thoughts
Why does it have to be so clinical and complicated
Why can't we just be, without the need to examine everything we do to make sure we are not perceived as naive
Why are we pushed by our ego to gain the praise of our peers
Why does it feel easier to gloss over the truth and create a spiral that eventually leads back to it
Why can't we just be plain
Why do we always have to put a front on things
Why do we always have to guard our words and actions in order to fit in
Why do opinions masquerade as the truth
Why does it always have to be the way it's always been
Why does it seem to take generations to change
Why do our actions differ from our words
Why do we think we can control nature
Why do we always want to predict the future
Why can't we live in the now
Why do we concentrate more on how we look and less on what we are
Where do we go from here, when we cannot see what is clear
Will we ever really learn from our past mistakes ??

Planning for the future
not living for today
Look at the past
all those things
did they go you're way??

Monochromatic scenes in this city of has beens
Hearts no longer pure from too long in the sewer
Youth no longer able from too long in the cradle
Destiny cut lean from living in a dream
Technicolor skies in this land where hope lies
Souls once unsure bring light to who endure
Age once a bane brings hope to who remain
Skills seldom seen bring reality to the dream

(Meanwhile, on Fencebook)
Look at ewe said the sheep
Sheep don't care
Prefer to eat, fat cow
Why involve cattle, it's not market day
Trust a goat to butt in

How many faces will you wear today?
Depends who you see, depends what you say
Intentions may be good, judgement may be wrong
It's difficult pleasing everyone, trying to get along

Lost in a vision of eternal greed
Exploitation of the masses to further their need
Living for a drug that makes blood rust
Creatures that sadly are no more than dust
More More More they cry
Me Me Me they cry
It can no longer satisfy
They die

Was I awake when I dreamt I was dreaming
What better time to think of life and it's meaning
Is it all that it seems
Or some mad scientists scheme
Is it real what you feel when you dream?

The path of youth is a shallow grave
Develops character only to misbehave
Focus on watching,wasting and sighing
Prepare for the future, the old life is dying

You can be who you want to be or you can be who you are

Copyright j.a.connor